Treetyme Plant Heritage Cercis collection updated from provisional to full status.

It is now 6 years since Treetyme planted the first Cercis in the arboretum which was being developed at Prospect Hill. A year later after many more Cercis had been planted it was decided to apply to be custodians of the Plant Heritage National Collection of Cercis. After the inspection and information regarding the necessary protocols, Treetyme was granted provisional status based on the understanding that with small trees it takes several years to become mature enough for them to be seen to be a full collection. This spring this full status has been granted and we are delighted to have been informed that we now hold the Plant Heritage collection of Cercis(cvs) canadensis, canadensis.var texensis, chinensis and siliquastrum. The collection is continuing to grow with several new exciting cultivars being planted for evaluation over the coming years. It is not possible or desirable to hold every named cultivar since some lack vigour to grow well in the UK and others are so close to existing types and have no advantage, but Treetyme will always try to have the most significant and best preforming varieties and to be able to offer for sale as many of these as is possible so that others can enjoy these great small trees and bushes in their gardens and landscapes.