When will my plants be delivered?

We have two delivery periods each year when the plants are dormant: during November and then again from the end of February until early April.

What should I do on receiving the plants?

TNT is our courier and your delivery will need to be signed for on arrival. Please check the package and tree for damage in the presence of their driver and do not sign for it if anything is amiss. Please let us know as soon as possible if there is a problem.

It is recommended to plant your tree  immediately, but if this is not possible it will be ok to keep it in the bag unopened and  in a cool place for a couple of days but no longer. Keep an eye on the roots and if they appear to be drying out, open the bag and spray them regularly with water. If planting is unavoidably further delayed, place the roots in the ground under loose soil or other media to keep them cool and moist.

 What size are the plants?

Treetyme supply all plants as 100-120cm + high maidens. This is because this size of plant is best for establishing Cercis and allows the gardener to produce their own bespoke format(tree, bush, patio tree etc)

 Are the plants bare root?

Most of our plants are delivered bare rooted.  Cercis roots are fangy without much fibre. This is normal.

What about planting?

Full planting instruction will be sent with each tree. Click here for online instructions.

 When will they start to grow?

Bare rooted Cercis are quite late to break dormancy in the first year. Expect leaves from mid-May in the south to June in the north. This becomes earlier as the plants become established.

 What if they fail to grow?

Cercis are very reliable to transplant as a bare rooted plant. However if yours hasn’t broken dormancy by the end of June, please contact us and we will advise a course of action. A photograph will be appreciated.

 Will my Cercis flower?

All Cercis can flower. Some species such as the chinensis do so at a younger age and are more prolific in their flowering. The variegated varieties and the Forest Pansy only have a few flowers. Cercis is the only temperate tree which has the characteristic “Cauliflory” which means it  flowers on old wood and on the same nodes year after year. In general, the older the plant and the more sunny its location the more flowers will appear in the spring(the number being affected by the previous summers’ heat). Winter pruning will reduce flowering wood, so any pruning should be done just after flowering.

 How do I grow a tree?

To produce a small tree train the main bud up as a leader and after 1 or 2 seasons clean the lower stem of branches.

 How do I grow a bush?

Allow the plants to grow one season and then in the winter cut the main stem and the side stems by 50%  to encourage more branching.  This can be repeated again the following year to produce more branches. Remove crossing or weak stems at the same time.

 I have vigorous green shoots coming from the base. What are they?

These are the suckers from the root stock and come from below the graft. They should always be removed as soon as they are seen to encourage top growth.

 Should I water the plant?

Cercis is very drought tolerant. However it takes a couple of years for the roots to develop sufficiently to resist drought, so keep the plants watered and mulched for the first two years. See “Planting instructions”


Refunds are at the managements discretion and  are not accepted unless the plants fail to grow due to a problem with them. Treetyme cannot accept responsibility for failure due to a lack of proper care of the tree taken on arrival,  during its planting or subsequent after care. A photo should be sent when making any claim. Please note that Cercis are slow to break dormancy in the first year and late May and June is typical for when the first buds appear.