Ruby Falls: So good, every garden should have one!

One of the remarkable things about breeding trees such as Cercis is the patience required by the breeder. This is no short term quick process, but rather a lifetime’s work. It is even more remarkable when the characteristics which the breeder is trying  to create in the new progeny happen to be recessive in the parents. This is the case with the Ruby Falls. The pendula feature and many pink flowers are inherited from Lavender Twist and the red coloured leaves from the Forest Pansy.In the first generation of seedlings they all appear green leaved and have usual upright growth. It is only when these seedlings are grown on to a size where they can produce flowers (which in itself is several years)and then they are encouraged to make crossing’s with each other that the resultant seeds may produce a proportion of plants which are of Red leaf and a pendula habit.These plants then have to be grown on to a size where the best seedling can be selected and assessed for its potential future as a plant for the garden. As you can imagine this process is not for the faint hearted and we applaud Dr Dennis Werner of North Caroline State University for his persistence and dedication to the improvement of the Cercis genus.The Ruby Falls which he created is now available for the first time in Europe. It is so good that every garden should have one. It can be grown to over 2 metres high as a large specimen, or kept small for the patio or small garden. A wonderful feature in any place with red leaves which turn vivid orange’s and yellow’s in the autumn and as it matures many pink flowers appearing in the spring before the leaves.Why not try one ? Numbers are limited so order today.