‘Redbud tree, shelter me’

A quote from a recent track on a well known British musician reminds me that the common name for the Cercis tree in the USA is the ‘Redbud Tree’. This is because in the spring time the brilliant red shining pea like flowers which occur before the leaves emerge are seen as a harbinger of the summer to come. All Cercis can give flowers and most are dark pink or red, but some newer cultivars give white or even pastel pink flowers as with Pauline Lily. The Redbud flowers can also be seen on the Cercis siliquastrum trees grown around the Mediterranean region if you are fortunate enough to be travelling this region in early spring.In the UK the Redbud do not give so many flowers as they do in the hotter places, but as they grow and mature they still can give a very dramatic and welcome entrance to the summer season.The flowers are also very resistant to late frosts and winds and can last for several weeks. In the heat of summer the trees can give a welcome shade and shelter when fully out in leaf as they are very tolerant to the heat. Treetyme offers a number of cultivars including old favourites and also the very newest breeding such as Ruby Falls and Merlot.