Cercis canadensis Merlot


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Cercis Merlot, a fantastic small tree for any garden.Red leaves and dark pink flowers.

Cercis ‘Merlot’ is a fantastic  Cercis cultivar which has shown astonishing vigour even in cool conditions.Glossy burgundy/red leaves which can turn a little greener as they age. It has the potential to give many pink flowers in the spring as the tree matures. Fantastic autumn colour. Possibly the most beautiful small tree you will ever grow.Can be grown as a multi-stemmed bush to 6-8ft or as a small tree of 10-15ft. Cercis Merlot is designated a canadensis species, however it contains the texensis blood of one of its parents which give it the thicker ,shiny leaf characteristics. Merlot is very resistant to branches breaking(unlike Forest Pansy). Plants available Feb/March 2018


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