Plant Heritage Cercis Collection

The collection of Cercis has been incorporated into our recently planted small Arboretum. The first planting was in 2009 and more recently other cultivars have also been planted.
The location is south facing, but is on quite an exposed site and so native hedge planting has been undertaken around most of the perimeter.

There has been very challenging weather conditions since starting the planting with two unusually severe winters, two long spring droughts,the coldest ,wettest summer on record and an unusually severe spring  and as you can imagine this has not assisted the establishment of the plants.Since then summers have been more usual and growth has proceeded well. A -6C frost in late April 2015 took most of the flowers and new buds out. Although this did not leave any permanant damage it was nonetheless very disappointing.

The collection is open to view by appointment and in due course as it matures we intend to hold one or two open days each year.

It is inevitable in a location like ours that the cultivars will be well tested by the prevailing conditions and this can benefit gardeners in their choice of the most suitable varieties for their own gardens.

Accession Number Genus Species Cultivar Date Planted
2010/01 Cercis canadensis Ace of Hearts Feb-10
2010/02 Cercis canadensis Appalachian Red Feb-10
2009/01 Cercis canadensis Cascading Hearts Feb-09
2009/02 Cercis canadensis Forest Pansy Feb-09
2008/02 Cercis canadensis Hearts of Gold Feb-08
2010/03 Cercis canadensis Little Woody Feb-10
2009/03 Cercis canadensis Pauline Lily Feb-09
2010/04 Cercis canadensis Royal White Feb-10
2010/05 Cercis canadensis Silver Cloud Died
2010/06 Cercis canadensis Tennesse Pink Feb-10
2010/07 Cercis canadensis Silver Lining Reverted
2018/02 Cercis canadensis Alley Cat Feb-18
2009/04 Cercis canadensis Lavender Twist Feb-09
2010/09 Cercis canadensis The Rising Sun Apr-11
2011/01 Cercis canadensis Ruby Falls Feb-11
2017/02 Cercis canadensis Carolina Sweetheart Feb-17
2016/01 Cercis canadensis Whitewater Feb-16
 2011/04 Cercis
 Merlot Feb-11
2016/02 Cercis canadensis Vanilla Twist Feb-16
2018/01 Cercis canadensis Pink Pom Poms Feb-18
 2015/03 Cercis   canadensis x chinensis NCWL 1  Feb-15
2015/02 Cercis canadensis x gigantea NC 2012/01 Feb-15
2009/05 Cercis chinensis Don Egolf Feb-09
2010/12 Cercis chinensis Shirobana Feb-10
2010/12 Cercis chinensis Shibimachi Red Feb-15
 2010/10 Cercis
f.alba Feb-10
2010/11  Cercis chinensis  Avondale Feb-10
2008/01 Cercis racemosa species Feb-08

2009/06 Cercis canadensis var.texensis Oklahoma Feb-09
2008/03 Cercis canadensis var.texensis Texas White Feb-08
2010/13 Cercis canadensis var.texensis Traveller Feb-10
2010/14 Cercis silliquastrum Bodnant Feb-10
2010/15 Cercis silliquastrum White Swan Feb-10
2011/03 Cercis silliquastrum species Feb-11

Several varieties in the collection have been assigned Plant Breeders Rights, or are in the process and therefore unauthorized propagation of these cultivars is forbidden.

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