Why not give one of our trees as a gift to someone special?


Trees make fantastic lasting gifts!

  • An ideal Christmas gift…..a little early or late maybe, but perhaps all the more thoughtful for it!
  • The heart-shaped leaves of most of the varieties make many of the trees a fabulous Valentine’s Day gift.
  • Then there’s also Mother’s Day …and what better gift could there be for Mums than a tree that goes on and on giving  pleasure?
  •  And of course, a tree could be an early Easter gift.
  • Then to expand on this further….what about a special Birthday where a present that endures would be fitting…?
  • Or a Wedding Anniversary gift…Ruby Falls…?

The possibilities are endless!

It’s easy to send a tree as a gift. Just put the name of the recipient and a brief message if you wish to, into the ‘NOTE’ box at the checkout, and we will put this into a small gift card to be included in the package. Don’t forget to enter a different ‘shipping address’ as well.

But there are a couple of things we would like you to be aware of:

Firstly, our trees are supplied as bare-rooted maiden whips. This means that they are delivered as 100-120cm tall sticks which are  slow to bud in their first year. This means that the recipient of a tree as a gift may need a bit of explanation as they may not have seen this website. We would hate for anyone to feel disappointed because they didn’t know what to expect and didn’t understand  that the value of having one of our trees is that it is a gift for the long term and that it will eventually  be beautiful and bring lasting pleasure.

Secondly, there is a slight risk associated in buying a bare rooted tree in that occasionally a tree will fail. We understand how disappointing this can be and all the more so if a tree has been given as a gift. In such a situation we are happy to discuss either offering a full refund or replacment.