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Exclusive NEW Cercis!

Introducing two fantastic new Cercis for your garden exclusively from Treetyme. Imagine a plant with red, pink, green and white leaves all at the same time preceded by rich pink flowers. This is Carolina Sweetheart. Alley Cat has pink flowers in the spring followed by green leaves which appear splashed white. Both are well suited […]

Lots to see on our website…

The Treetyme website is now open and running for you to view and see all the best new and older cultivars of Cercis that are available in Europe. For 2016 we can offer the brand new variety Cercis canadensis Pink Pom Poms which is unique in having big double flowers and glossy green foliage. Truly […]

To feed Cercis, or not?

There are some in the plant world who suggest that Cercis should never receive fertiliser. This is based on the assumption that because they are members of the ‘Legume’ family this would damage the root nodules and prevent development of this small tree. However Cercis do not have have the ability to fix nitrogen as […]

Wrong information…

It is not hard to find many myths regarding the growing of Cercis and in spite of Treetyme giving out information the same ones seem to repeat regularly. So here are 3 points of clarification:   Firstly in the UK Cercis are best not to be used as shade trees. This is ok when grown […]

Winter pruning of Cercis

A common question is when is the best time to prune Cercis. The answer really depends on what is wanting to be achieved. If a large plant requires heavy pruning to re-shape then to prune heavily in late winter is usually the best. The new growth comes away very vigorously in the spring and no […]


It is very common that grafted trees produce suckers- this being the commonly used name for vigorous shoots coming from the rootstock of the plant. In some trees such as plums these are often produced for many years after planting and have to be removed regularly. With Cercis it is also quite likely that your […]

April- the time for patience:

  For all Cercis lovers in the UK the month of April is one of waiting and watching. Rarely do the flowers come into bloom before the end of the month, (unless positioned in a very warm spot) and then the leaves open during May dependant on the temperatures. For those who have planted their […]