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Winter pruning of Cercis

A common question is when is the best time to prune Cercis. The answer really depends on what is wanting to be achieved. If a large plant requires heavy pruning to re-shape then to prune heavily in late winter is usually the best. The new growth comes away very vigorously in the spring and no […]


It is very common that grafted trees produce suckers- this being the commonly used name for vigorous shoots coming from the rootstock of the plant. In some trees such as plums these are often produced for many years after planting and have to be removed regularly. With Cercis it is also quite likely that your […]

April- the time for patience:

  For all Cercis lovers in the UK the month of April is one of waiting and watching. Rarely do the flowers come into bloom before the end of the month, (unless positioned in a very warm spot) and then the leaves open during May dependant on the temperatures. For those who have planted their […]

Preparing for winter…

You don’t need me to remind you that apart from March, 2012 has been one long cold soggy year. It has been easier to get some plants established and harder for others. At least it is one of those years where forgetting to water your newly planted trees did not matter. The initial growth of […]

Cercis planting time…

We have been asked a number of times which time of year is best for planting bare rooted Cercis. There is a body of opinion which suggests autumn is best since the soil temperatures are still relatively warm, while in early spring they are much cooler. This of course is true, but whether these warmer […]

‘Redbud tree, shelter me’

A quote from a recent track on a well known British musician reminds me that the common name for the Cercis tree in the USA is the ‘Redbud Tree’. This is because in the spring time the brilliant red shining pea like flowers which occur before the leaves emerge are seen as a harbinger of […]

Improved Forest Pansy -Merlot

The Cercis canadensis Forest Pansy has become a garden favourite for any discerning gardener. However in spite of its magnificent foliage colour it can be disappointing in having very few flowers, being difficult to shape and not performing well in more exposed and colder areas.. We are often asked if there is a new cultivar […]

All about the weather!

It has been a crazy spring season. A mild Christmas and January, followed by a very cold spell in February, record highs in March, record wet in April with 6 weeks of below temperatures,  sometimes even lower than the Christmas weekend. If we feel confused then it is no surprise that plants also do not […]

Cercis The Rising Sun

The Rising Sun

New leaves are orange in appearance,gradually turning yellow and then green. Good fall colour and small pink flowers in spring. Height as a tree in 10 years will be 10-15ft or it can be pruned as a multitrunk to 4-8ft. Sales have began in 2014 and we hope to have a regular supply of this […]