The Cercis Collection

Cercis canadensis:

Forest Pansy: Red heart shaped leaves and some pink flowers in spring. Lovely autumn coloured foliage. Can grow to 20ft , but usually 6-8ft in most gardens. Discovered in 1947 as a chance seedling in Tennesse. The oldest example in the UK is probably at Spinners Nusery Hampshire.

Ace of Hearts®: Small green heart shaped leaves and pink flowers. Compact, suitable for bush or small tree up to 6ft tall.

Appalachian Red: A small tree up to 15ft with flowers which are the closest to red of any Cercis. Green leaves.

Cascading Hearts: A green leaved pendula variety with pink flowers. Especially suited to patio container or small space in garden.

Hearts of Gold®: New foliage is a gold colour, but gradually turns to green. Few pink flowers. Best in a sunny and sheltered position.

Little Woody®: Crinkly foliage which is reddish/green. Pink flowers and compact growth.

Pauline Lily: A nice small tree up to 15ft with pastel pink flowers.Leaves emerge yellow quickly become green. Sheltered position.

Royal White: Green leaves and white flowers. Will grow to 15ft.

Silver Cloud: Variegated leaves and some pink flowers. Slow to grow and best in a sheltered place.

Tennessee Pink: A nice small tree with green leaves and pink flowers. Up to 15ft.

Cercis canadensis Lavender Twist
Lavender Twist: This green leaved pendula variety has no apical dominance and can be trained to almost any shape required. Pink flowers. Found in the USA by a Mrs Covey in the mid sixties and then propagated by an Ohio nurseryman called Tim Brotzman.The original plant was no more than 3ft high due to its incredible trailling habit, however most plants are supported in their growth to give a tree 5-6ft high.

Flame: A double pink flowered(the only double flowered Cercis) ,green leaved variety, Can grow to 15ft.

Pink Pom Poms: Another brand new cultivar released from the breeding of Dennis Werner. Double pink flowers with glossy green foliiage. A fantastic small tree.

The Rising Sun: New foliage is coloured orange/gold which turns green as the leaves age. Pink flowers in the spring make for a fine small tree.

Ruby Falls: The first new cultivar bred by Dr Dennis Werner giving stunning red foliage and pink flowers,combined with a pendula format. So good every garden should have on.

Merlot: Will replace Forest Pansy in time as it has glossy leaves, better flowering and is more resisitant to branches breaking in the wind. A great new tree of muiltistem from Dr Dennis Werner.

Vanilla Twist: Bred by Tim Brotzman from Lavender Twist and Royal White. The result of more than 14 years of work giving a fine pendula green leaved form with white flowers.

Silver Lining: A new variegated Cercis with jagged edge and a few pink flowers.


Cercis chinensis:

Avondale: Green thick leaves and prolific pink flowering. Best as a bush to 6-8ft.

Don Eglof: Green thick leaves and prolific pink flowers. More compact that Avondale. Bred at the Washington State Arboretum by the late Dr Don Eglof.

Shirobana: Thick green leaves and prolific white flowers, Quite vigourous to 10ft. Origin is Japan.


Cercis canadensis var.texensis:

Oklahoma: Glossy reddish/green leaves with many pink flowers. A nice tree and bush

Traveller: A very beautiful pendula tree with glossy green leaves and pink flowers giving all year around interst.

Texas White: Has rich green shiny leaves with many white flowers. A small tree or bush.


Cercis siliquastrum:

Bodnant: Large pink flowers and strong grey/green foliage

White Swan: Green leaves and white flowers. Quite rare in cultivation.

Species: Pink flowers and grey/green leaves. The Mediteeranean Cercis is perfectly at home in the UK.