All about the weather!

It has been a crazy spring season. A mild Christmas and January, followed by a very cold spell in February, record highs in March, record wet in April with 6 weeks of below temperatures,  sometimes even lower than the Christmas weekend. If we feel confused then it is no surprise that plants also do not know if it is the correct season to grow or sleep!
One of the features of the Cercis is that its flowers are very tolerant to frost and wind and so while flowering cherries may be buffeted about in April and May and look quite rough, the flowers on Cercis continue to look bright and attractive.By the time the new leaf buds emerge the risk of frost is usually well past and so they do not suffer the leaf tipping many other plants have especially this season.
However the cold April and May this spring have delayed emergence of the leaves significantly and this season does appear to be one of the latest for many years (even with the recent hot weather). It is also problematic for any bare rooted tree to be standing in cold wet water and so the exceptionally high rainfall experienced in April combined with cold temperatures could have caused in some instances the plants to die through water logging of the roots. For those of you who bought a bare rooted tree this spring then these factors would have been especially of concern as you watched every day for the first signs of life in the tree. By now most plants will have started to grow and even if not fully out in leaf, at least the buds should be starting to swell. We hope that your purchase will bring you many years of enjoyment and pleasure and that you will recommend Treetyme to your friends and acquaintances.